Saturday, 12 November 2011

love for the enviroment

Environment is everything that surrounds us.We should learn to take good care of our environment so as to keep it clean and healthy.We should do this by; planting trees so as to get fresh air and rainfall, collecting all lying garbage and disposing them well either by burning those which are supposed to be burnt and burying those which cannot be burnt e.g bottles which contains chemicals.We should also avoid directing chemical substances in water and land so as to save the environment.This we show the love we have for our environment.Let us all love  our environment by taking care of it. 

Friday, 11 November 2011

passion for education

Education is the process of learning in an institution where one acquires skills regarding the course one took or the lessons.These skills are then applied to another field such as in the hospitals, schools, industries and in many other places where education is used.Education helps a person to acquire the skills which are later used in life.Let us all accept education and be concerned with the education which will help us to move on because education is the key to success.I love  education.Let us all join hands for our education.